Portugal: Enduro Tours Portugal for 1 to multi-day motorbike tips

The southern area of Portugal, 80 km north of capital Lisboa,  close to the old town called Santarém, where pass a river call´s Tejo, is a great place for motorbike enduro trips.  Short, medium or long, beginners to experts, its all covered !

The best off road holidays ever !  With everything you need:  the bike, insurance, hotel with swimming pool, breakfast, fuel, lunch and support vehicle, and a pickup and return service to the airport, and everything is included.

Rodrigo Dias, owner and tourguide, and Tiago Lourenço, tourguide have over 25 years of enduro experience and know the area as the back of their hand. Many differerent types of terrain from hard single track to a nearby National level motorcross track.

Come with friends or even bring your complete family, as there are lots of things to do nearby to cater for most whishes.  Swimming, walking, MTB, horseback riding and more.

Some idea on pricing, but full details are on the clear website.

3 days riding with 2 nights and everything included 800€
5 days riding 4 nights and everything included 1100€
1 day tour with gasoline ,lunch,insurance,equipment, and bike 165€

Website: https://endurotoursportugal.com/

Facebook:  https://www.facebook.com/endurotoursportugal/


if your plans are for Portugal, then make sure to get in touch with Rodrigo. and discuss your dream trip !

Enjoy the ride