Marocco; meet the dunes and mountains for amazing motorbike enduro tips

I guess that for anyone that loves motorbike enduro, Marocco is on the shortlist. Well the people running The Tiger Trip  enduro organisation and hotel, take this to a whole new level.

Check out the website:

The 4 or 5 day tours are staged in a star-shape pattern, offering RIVER BEDS, PATHS, CANYONS, STONE SLOPES, OASIS AND THE DUNES OF THE LITTLE SAHARA.    KTM 450’s are available to rent to conquer the desert.  And always the extra option to change to a camel for a day ….

The Maroccon North African kitchen is fabulous as you will learn on this trip. On the road and in the hotel itself.

2022 Calender is on the site and ready to book.  So in our upcoming Holidays discuss the trip and get the dates done and put your Xmas money aside …  The trip is on !

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