Laos Enduro Motorbike Adventure with mountain, jungle and rivers.

Dutchmen Ronald,  in 2007 travelled in Laos by enduro motorbike and was fascinated by the country, its people and the great options for enduro  motorbike travel and more.

So he decided to share the experience with others and organise guided 15 days-tours with 250cc enduro motorbikes.

Best months are january and february due to the dryer so also easier and nicer conditions.  Motorbike enduro tours can be organised starting from 3 riders with 6 as max. 

Laos is quite different from other east-asian countries.  Its much less visited and still really quiet apart from some hotspots.  Mountains, forest, jungle, river crossings …. an amazing motorbike enduro adventure. 

Tours are for the adventurous and a few years offroad experience come in handy. 

The dutch website can be found here :

Its also explains the   The Gibbon Experience ….. Visit the  website to learn more 🙂

So book your trip and flights there and get going !