India: Desert, mountain and forest motorbike enduro tours

Adventure Rides from India offers some of the best enduro trips to imagine in the vast landscape of one of the most fascinating countries in the world; India.

Put your prejudice on India away and check the site and blogs to have some pre-trip fun. This is a must go / bucket list.  Modern 2020 KTM 450 machines are ready for you.

The Belgian guy:  Philippe Geelhand +32 498 546 120   is the owner / organiser and has tons of experience.

From the website: ADVENTURE RIDES is an off-road Adventure concept wherein the motorcycle riders undertake an off-road-terrain motorcycling expedition in India. The tours cover exotic locales within the varied and vast natural pathways sprawling over forests, mountains and deserts, thereby offering our patrons a true sneak-peek into Indian culture and diversity while providing them with high-end Heritage boarding and lodging comforts en-route.

Check out the many  images and especially video on the website and facebook.