Croatia: motorbike enduro paradise close to the seaside


Motorbike Enduro on south Istrian coast is driven most of the time near the sea. Very beautiful tours for unforgettable memories. At this point weather is often sunny and warm. You can drive Enduro here all winter.

Motorbike Enduro Istria Tour
Motorbike Enduro tours in Central Istria include various tracks. Goat tracks, blue dunes, creeks, spectacular views and beautiful landscape. Most often you will be settled in Kroatien Enduro base in Floricici – big house with pool suitable for large or small groups. Tavern for dinners is the place with great homemade food and live music played by family members.

Motorbike Enduro in Lika
Motorbike Enduro in Lika is possible only in late spring, summer and early autumn. If you would like to enjoy enduro when the temperatures are everywhere too high, tryout Lika. Driving through giant woods, temperatures are better, something between 20 and 30 degrees. Coming out from the woods there is always a beautiful meadow.


Croatia, sun, sea, mountains, forest, awesome motorbike enduro area !