Bulgaria: endless motorbike enduro tracks and experiences – Enduro Ride !

Need a little bit more information about enduro in Bulgaria?

Bulgaria is highly suitable for such adventurous activities such as motorbike enduro riding. The routes that you’ll experience and the tour as a whole will give you adrenaline rush that you have never encountered before. Thanks to the numerous high cliffs and mountains, the land gives you the opportunity to challenge the toughest motobike enduro routes and natural obstacles as trees, traps, paths and uphills. Therefore, you must be sure that you’ll never get bored and will leave with a tone of memorable days to tell your friends.

Furthermore, if you have never been in Bulgaria, it will be a little bit hard for you to find the most intriguing motorbike enduro routes. That is why our team will make sure that based on your level you get the best experience. Our team is consisted of highly trained professionals (with great sense of humor) whose main goal is to show you around our homeland best enduro tracks.

Enduro-Ride offers a selection of enduro packages to choose from, for the different experience levels, so also for novice riders.  Complete offers available including toplevel KTM bikes, stay and food.

Teodor Kabakchiev, Founder & Executive Director
Smilen Kabakchiev, Tour Guide Coordinator

Trayana Koleva, Tour Manager
+359 88 506 4060

Check them out on the web and follow the social media links on their website and book now:   https://enduro-ride.com/